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      The Highest Safety Standards

      All of FurroLandia’s products are manufactured in an FDA registered facility right here in the United States. Our production facility is also a GMO-Free!

      So, what does all that mean in “normal people speak” you ask?

      It means we follow the strictest safety and health standards and our production facility is routinely inspected to ensure we’re not cutting corners and that everything is up to sniff...oops, we mean snuff!

      Why We Love What We Do

      The fact that our products genuinely help animals, and at the same time provide jobs for hard working Americans, is highly rewarding. Knowing that some people will choose our products over competitors because they share in these values is a nice bonus.

      Crafted With The Best Ingredients

      The overall health and well-being of our customer’s pets are our highest priority. Having this in mind, we use only the highest quality and domestically sourced ingredients. It seems like more companies would adopt this approach, but it seems all too many choose profit over the health.

      No-Heat Cook Method To Maintain Quality

      During production, we use a unique no-heat cooking method for our soft chew products that ensure the quality and efficacy of all the ingredients we pack into our delicious treats is not compromised. No-heat cooking is rare and not the standard when it comes to soft-chew manufacturing and gives our customers’ dogs treats that both taste delicious and actually work!

      Made In The U.S.A.

      When we discovered how few pet related products were manufactured in the USA, we knew something had to be done! After hearing so many horror stories related to imported products, we were confident there would be a healthy market demand for domestically designed and manufactured pet products.

      We have achieved both Amazon Preferred and first page listings due to our honest approach, top notch customer service and the highest quality standards.